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Leadership Part 4 - Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life...

We’ve moved from Purpose to Authenticity , another deeply personal and intense subject. As a leader, you could do worse than developing your purpose and focusing on being more authentic. The quote in the title of this article is from Steve Jobs and I think it sums up the importance of being authentic perfectly. It is not always easy being authentic, societal and peer pressure, keeping up with the Kardashian’s (or keeping up with Bob living in that big house down the road, always on holiday and driving around in his fancy SUV ), unconscious bias and constant media bombardment mean that it is sometimes difficult to be authentic. Speaking from personal experience, I know that it isn’t always easy, because I have spent half my adult life not being completely authentic (but not anymore). As difficult as it can be you don’t need me waxing lyrical about authenticity for pages and pages because the concept is simple, it’s the execution that is difficult. So, I’ll keep it s