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Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with some good managers and some not so good ones. I’ve seen great leaders in action, and also seen the consequences that poor leadership can have on an organisation. Since starting Pin Consult a little over a year ago, I’ve become a bit obsessed with Leadership, the definition of Success, and why some people and organisations achieve their goals faster and better than others. Leadership is such an important and broad topic that I’m going to write a few articles on it. And as with a lot of what I write about on The Thought Curator Blog, there are many global thought leaders out there with published content, so I see my job more as curating content and distilling it down to what I think are the pertinent points which will help improve performance. If you follow me on LinkedIn you will know I love my quotes. I think we can all learn a lot from them, and the ones that resonate with you, can be used as simple but powerful