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LEADERSHIP PART THREE – Why am I doing this again?

These topics just get bigger and bigger. We’ve moved from culture to purpose, you don’t get much bigger than purpose! As a refresh, see below for the eight critical areas and behaviours which I think a leader needs to focus on if they want to be successful in the 21st century.  
Build and reinforce the right culture (promoting gritty and growth mindsets)Have a purpose and be authenticAim for alignmentReinforce an open communication policy (internal & external)Practice active listening (be curious and empathetic)Do not be the smartest person in the roomSupport and promote the team over the individualHave a plan and take actionThis blog is going to be a bit ugly, by ugly I mean I’ve got too much work on to ‘pretty it up’, so it’s going to be a bit ugly, but not any less valuable! And next week I’ll try and tackle authenticity…
Key Takeaways: Your purpose must be about helping, improving or changing something other than yourselfYou can develop a purpose ove…